The Mighty Pipeline Toolset

An innovative set of tools to help developers go from build to test using ‘zero touch’ tech and automation.

The Buildbot will make builds for your games on any platform, and additionally handle internal deployment and uploading to all platforms capable of automatic upload. No integration needed at your end, we work with your existing repo. BuildBot works in conjunction with the Testbot to push builds for testing.

The Testbot is an AI that exercises your code base 24/7. Builds are automatically deployed straight to multiple machines to play. With defect tracking, error reporting, and running of multiple instances for maximum coverage, the Testbot will find bugs that are usually hard to find. You get to watch it live or have gifs and screenshots go direct to your Slack.

Have confidence in your code with our
All-in-one Build-Test-Validate-Deployment Toolset.

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